Our Brands

Dea Home
All the passion and creativity of our designers express themselves in Dea Home products.

Under the brand name Dea Home, Plastmeccanica S.p.A. markets a wide portfolio of household goods and furnishings for large retailers, whose design is studied and developed internally. With a wide network of agents Dea Home products are present, for some years now, in the Point of Purchase of the largest retail chains in many countries across Europe and beyond.


Toomax: our technical products, designed for specialists in the do-it-yourself.

The brand Toomax is the latest project of Plastmeccanica SpA With the products present in this catalog, the company caters to a specialized audience that research the characteristics of robustness and practicality typical of the best products for the DIY. Cabinets, shelves and items for the garden are part of this line designed for the DIY market, able to meet the demands of the most demanding customers.